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Dental Fillings (Tooth Colored White Fillings)

What exactly are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are used to replace decay found in one or more teeth. Decay, also known as a cavity, affects the health of the tooth. This decay is removed and replaced with a white tooth-colored filling. We match the filling to the shade of your teeth, providing a seamless look that improves the structural integrity of the compromised tooth.

Why might you need Dental Fillings?

To determine if a filling is necessary, an exam is needed so that Dr. Dary can check for signs of decay. We offer tooth-colored fillings, known as composite fillings, that are completely free of metal. Some of the reasons you’ll need a filling include:

• One or more teeth have a cavity (decay)
• You want to replace older amalgam (metal) fillings
• A tooth has a small fracture or break that needs to be filled or smoothed


We offer tooth-colored fillings, known as composite fillings, that are completely free of metal.

What makes you a candidate for Dental Fillings?

If you have a cavity, you’re a good candidate to have a dental filling placed. The filling is used to replace the decay in the tooth, preventing the cavity from getting larger. If left untreated, decay can affect the entire tooth and eventually reach the pulp, causing the need for a root canal. Our goal is to put a stop to the spread of decay with the help of a dental filling.

What can you expect during the procedure for Dental Fillings?

The first step is providing anesthetic to make the filling procedure more comfortable for you. Dr. Dary will then work to remove the decay from the tooth and clean the area that will be receiving the filling. The hole is prepped for the filling material and then the composite is poured into the small hole. The composite filling is then cured with a bright light and you’re set to go home. We match the color of the filling with the rest of your teeth so that it looks completely natural.

If you think you need a dental filling or want to know more about this procedure, call our office today so that our office staff members can further assist you.