Family Dental of Fairfax City
Family Dental of Fairfax City
By: Dr. Omar Dary

Important to Recognize:

  1. Respiratory capacity might be reduced if breathing demand is not maintained or smoking continues, and hence both situations may increase vulnerability to worsening symptoms of acute respiratory infections;
  2. Physical exercise, and therefore energy requirement, is reduced under this circumstance, and hence overweight and obesity may become worse; and
  3. To be socially isolated and at home does not mean to be all day under a roof and so avoiding to receive the benefit of solar light and clean air.

Therefore, Keep Attention To:

  1. Several times a day practice breathing exercises with deep and long inhalation and exhalation times.
  2. Stop smoking or decrease the number of cigarettes per day.
  3. Practice every day at least 30 minutes physical activity (dancing, jumping, marching in the same place) to accelerate breathing and cardiac rates. Do not forget to include your children.
  4. If you are not underweight, reduce your intake of all types of foods. However, eat with priority eggs, fish, poultry, dairy products fortified especially if fortified with vitamins A and D, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and legume seeds (for example beans, chickpeas, lentils), and almonds and nuts.
  5. Avoid consumption of foods that rich in energy, sugar, starch, saturated fats, and salt, such as soft-drinks, white-bread, candies, pastries, cookies, cakes, ice creams, snacks, read meats, animal skin and fats, and the like.
  6. Drink plenty of water, which does not need to be in bottle but simply filtered or boiled.
  7. Go outside as it is possible to expose your skin to soft sun light for around 30 minutes a day.

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