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Dental Exams & Cleanings

What are Dental Exams & Cleanings?

A dental exam as well as a professional cleaning is considered preventative dental care. Exams are performed by Dr. Dary and are done to look for signs of decay, loose restorative work as well as oral cancer. Cleanings are performed by a licensed hygienist who works to remove buildup from your teeth and check your gums for signs of periodontal disease. Together, the exam and cleaning are designed to prevent larger dental problems from occurring as well as spot smaller issues before they’re allowed to get worse.

Why do you need routine Dental Exams & Cleanings?

You need a routine exam and cleaning to protect your smile and maintain optimal oral health. It is recommended that you have a cleaning and exam performed every six months to keep up with your dental care. For children, they should begin to see the dentist once their first baby teeth begin to come in or at the latest, when they are two years old. Our goal is to provide you and your family with quality care that you can trust.

Exams are performed in-office by Dr. Dary and are done to look for signs of decay, loose restorative work as well as oral cancer.

What makes you a good candidate for Dental Exams & Cleanings?

Everyone is a good candidate for a dental exam and cleaning. Even if you wear a full set of dentures, it’s important to come in routinely to have the appliance checked, repaired and your mouth examined for signs of bone loss and oral cancer. It’s never too late to establish a better dental care routine. 

Prevention is key when it comes to taking care of your smile. If small problems are left untreated, they can become worse and require more invasive treatment. Fortunately, preventative care is available to improve the state of your smile and maintain the health of your mouth. 

Even if it’s been awhile since your last exam and cleaning, we’re here to offer you the care in a way that is friendly, compassionate and understanding.

What can you expect during a typical Dental Exam & Cleaning?

You will first have a dental examination done by Dr. Dary. The exam is used to check for signs of cavities, restoration problems as well as oral cancer. We will also take measurements of the pockets around the teeth to look for signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease. We will also note any existing fillings or other dental work you may have. We will then take photos of your teeth and if needed, take dental x-rays. We will then start the cleaning. The cleaning is done to remove buildup from your teeth and check the health of your gums. 

The cleaning and exam can normally be done in less than an hour in our office. It’s a good idea to get on a routine preventative care schedule to maintain a full, healthy smile. At every point in your visit, you can expect courteous and friendly care. We provide Netflix in every room, making your visit with us even more comfortable for the whole family.

If you think you may need a dental exam and cleaning, a routine preventative visit or simply want to know more about either of these procedures, please contact our office so that we can schedule you to come in for an appointment.