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What are the Types of Teeth Cleaning?

Our dental office in Fairfax, VA offers a variety of dental services, including cleaning the teeth to remove hardened plaque that contains bacteria. Family Dental of Fairfax City has the latest technology in order to clean your teeth to prevent stains, decay or gum disease. We know that some of our patients require specialized dental cleanings, so we offer several types of services to ensure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible.

Dental Cleaning Type 1: Basic Prophylaxis Teeth Cleaning

During your routine dental appointment every six months, Dr. Dary, our Fairfax dentist, will perform a basic prophylaxis teeth-cleaning process that is designed for removing plaque from a few areas in your mouth. This type of cleaning often includes the application of fluoride that will strengthen the enamel on your teeth.

Dental Cleaning Type 2: Deeper Scaling and Root Planing Process

Scaling and root planing will require the use of special instruments to polish the surfaces of the teeth on all the sides of each tooth. You may need an injection of a painkiller so that Dr. Dary can also scrape the debris from the sensitive roots of your teeth. This deep cleaning can prevent cavities, bad breath or gingivitis.

Dental Cleaning Type 3: Gross Debridement of the Diseased Gum Tissue

When our dentist in Fairfax, Virginia notices that your teeth are covered with hardened plaque that prevents a thorough dental examination, you will need gross debridement. This procedure takes more time than a regular teeth-cleaning process, and it is often caused by the failure to brush and floss your teeth adequately for several months or years. This type of cleaning requires more time to remove the plaque that develops along the gums and between the teeth.

Dental Cleaning Type 4: Cleaning for Periodontal Maintenance

After eliminating the infection from your teeth and gums, you must continue to visit our Fairfax dental practice for periodontal maintenance. It is easy for the infection to begin again in your mouth, but with frequent visits, Dr. Dary can remove any plaque buildup along with the bacteria that can cause gingivitis.

Schedule a Dental Appointment

Our office receptionists can schedule a dental appointment for you to have your teeth cleaned, examined and X-rayed. In addition to finding cavities that require fillings, our team can apply fluoride to your teeth, and we also offer special teeth-whitening procedures. If you have chipped teeth, then our dentist in Fairfax can repair an abnormality with a bonding procedure. Call Family Dental of Fairfax City in Fairfax, VA to get started today.

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